AC/DC Premium Pinball Machine

  • Installation Specs:

    • New in Box
    • Coin-Op or Free-Play
    • Operates on standard 120v circuit
    • Adjustable leg levelers
    • Easy volume and game control options
    • Boxed Dimensions: H:56″; W:31″; D:31”
    • Unboxed Dimensions: H: 75 1/2 “, W: 27 “, D: 55”
    • Weight: 250lbs

  • What You Get:

    • “Underworld” Lower Mini-Playfield W/2 Flippers and Targets
    • Hells Bell Swinging Newton Ball Pendulum W/Score Sensor
    • Hidden Magnet Pendulum Attractor To Start Bell Swinging Remotely
    • Molded 3D “Rock N Roll” Train With LED Headlight and Horns
    • 5 Bank AC/DC Drop Targets (on left)
    • 3 Bank T.N.T. Drop Targets (in center)
    • SLAM Action Target Behind Center TNT Drop Target
    • T.N.T. Detonator Animated W/Solenoid Actuated Handle
    • Animated Band Member Display
    • “Highway To Hell” Animated LED Flames Tunnel
    • “Back In Black” Super Bright LED Strobe Lights
    • LED Control Lamps including 16 Tri-Color LEDs Under Key Inserts
    • Classic Lock Down Asssembly and Playfield Slide Supports
    • Red Gloss Power Coated Legs, Hinges, Front Molding, and Side Armour with Flipper Button Protection


Buy this AC/DC Premium Pinball and ROCK ON!