Avatar Pinball Machine


James Cameron’s Avatar Pinball by Stern Pinball transports players to the planet of Pandora on a quest to protect the Na’vi people from an invading mining colony. Based on the number one film of all-time, the machine translates James Cameron’s history making epic film into a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

In James Cameron’s Avatar Pinball, you are Jake Sully. Capture the pinball in the transporter link that reveals a Jake Sully figurine, thus transforming yourself into his Avatar. As his Avatar, you will have to escape the Thanator, fight the Viper Wolves, and ride the great Leonoptyrix.


Travel through the Hallelujah mountains and do battle with the RDA in the bumpers and face Colonel Miles Quaritch in his mechanical AMP Suit. Be sure to destroy the Colonel before he destroys you to access the 4-ball multi-ball as a reward. Score jackpots and save the Na’vi people from total destruction.

  • Installation Specs:

    • New in Box
    • Coin-Op or Free-Play
    • Operates on standard 120v circuit
    • Adjustable leg levelers
    • Easy volume and game control options
    • Boxed Dimensions: H:56″; W:31″; D:31”
    • Unboxed Dimensions: H: 75 1/2 “, W: 27 “, D: 55”
    • Weight: 250lbs

  • What You Get:

    • Motorized Rotating Ball Cannon, Player Controlled
    • 3 “Thunderstruck” Standup Targets w/ Flash Lamps
    • 4 “ROCK” Standup Targets (on right Lit Start/Fire Cannon Button
    • Back Panel Jukebox Song Selector
    • Posi-Lock Ball Ejector and Electric Top Gate
    • 2 Molded Super Speed Ramps
    • T.N.T. Explosion Butyrates
    • 2 High Powered Slingshots
    • 3 Super Bright LED Jet Bumpers
    • 1 “Greased Lightning” Spinning Target
    • 8 Inch Cabinet Speaker with bold, enhanced sound quality
    • Molded “Hells Bell” Toy
    • Fixed T.N.T. Detonator
    • 5 AC/DC Standup Targets
    • 3 T.N.T. Standup Targets


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