Defender Video Arcade Game for Sale

From Williams Electronics…

The Defender arcade game is a classic side-scrolling space shooter. Your mission, as captain of the Defender, is to protect the humanoids stranded on the planet from their alien abductors. The scanner will help you determine a strategy to shoot down the alien ships before they reach the humanoids. If you destroy the aliens after they have captured their prey, you must return the humanoids to the safety of the planet or they will fall to their death.


Defender was deemed a “flop” at the Chicago arcade expo in 1980 because of its difficult game play (but later to become a huge success).


Test YOUR Defender skills on this classic arcade game for sale!

I Love 1981

  • Electronic Specs:

    • Inspected arcade board
    • Inspected Wiring Harness
    • New arcade Power Supply
    • Refurbished Monitor
    • Rebuilt Joystick
    • Coin Door set to Free-Play
    • New Marquee Light Fixture

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Vintage Defender arcade cabinet
    • Original cabinet graphics (new available as an upgrade)
    • Refurbished control panel
    • Refurbished coin door
    • New T-Molding edge trim
    • New cabinet locks



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